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At Wells Farm ‘Quality’ is not just a requirement It’s much more than a core pillar. It’s a way of life.

Our mission  is to produce, process and sell products of the highest quality possible while providing a comfortable and safe, equal opportunity working environment for our people.

Our farm is located in the Kilifi region of Kenya which enjoys a stable and warm climate. Even though our animals thrive in this temperate climate , we have designed our farm to provide care and comfort for them all year round.

Wells Farm produces high quality pork, lamb and chicken.We supply the hospitality industry with the various prime cuts they require.

We apply stringent bio-security practices to maintain the health of our pigs. Among other things, this is achieved by limiting and controlling visitors entering the farm to minimize the risk of introducing diseases. Our vets ensure not only ongoing maintenance of stringent health practices but assist with any individual issues as they arise.

We strive to be your preferred supply partner through good manufacturing practices and adhering to customer specific needs, ensuring  our clients are satisfied and purchase our branded products.